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    CB 500 F [PC45] 13-
    CB 500 X [PC46] 13-
    CBR 500 R [PC44] 13-

    TRW Lucas Height Reducer
    With ABE
    TRW/Lucas height reducer kits:
    TRW/Lucas height reducer kits allow even the biggest sport and touring motorbikes to be lowered simply and inexpensively to a seat height suitable for less leggy riders.
    The lower strut linkage is modified using two triangles,two dog bones or a spacer made of special,coated steel. Which of these options is compatible depends on your particular motorcycle,but one feature is common to them all:despite the substantial lowering of the seat height by a full 30 mm,or up to 50 mm in some cases,the central suspension strut retains its full working length.
    The height reducer kit is made of high-strength stainless steel or CNC-milled aluminium.
    The type approval valid for Germany (TUV test certificate not necessary) and installation instructions are included. Made in Germany.

    ※Note:Illustration (dog bones) intended only as an example
    ※Attention:there may be limitations with some motorcycle models.
  • 【直送品】 サカエ 中軽量棚ML型(250kg/段・連結・高さ1200mm・3段タイプ) ML-8123R (185402) 【特大・送料別】

超歓迎 TRW ティーアールダブル 車高調整関係 HEIGHT REDUCER [MCTL183] CB500F [PC45] CB500X [PC46] CBR500R [PC44]-スロットル

クラッツィオ プラド 150系 TX 5人乗り シートカバー プライム グレー

超歓迎 TRW ティーアールダブル 車高調整関係 HEIGHT REDUCER [MCTL183] CB500F [PC45] CB500X [PC46] CBR500R [PC44]-スロットル

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